Visualizing Philippines 2017 MRT Traffic

My entry for Accenture's Philippines Data Visualization Challenge.

Visualizations are also easiest to interact with on a laptop or pc, not too good on phones

Its a well known fact that the mrt3 has not been in a good position since 2015.
It has consistently exceded the allowable capacity throughout the year. The goverment needs
to atleast manage a capacity of 400,000 to 500,000 people daily. The interactive visualizations
below show's the state of the MRT and its daily operations. Mrt issues also seems to appear so
frequently throughout the past year, showing a possible lack of maintenance going through the MRT.

Average daily traffic of MRT throughout 2017

MRT Daily Foot Traffic For 2017

Note: This calendar heatmap shows total daily Mrt Foot Traffic.
Hovering over the elements will give a tool tip display of basic information.
Clicking on the calendar elements will give each station's entry and exit information through two barcharts.
Clicking on the Holiday and Mrt Issues elements can be toggled to highlight instances throughout the year.

Average Hourly Foot Traffic Per Station

Note: This hourly data is from 5am to 11pm taken from month of september 2017.
Entries and exit on each station can be observed simply by adjusting the slider.


All D3 code is done by myself, here is post on my website discussing my journey through building these visualizations.
All data is given by efoi philippines, additional data such as mrt problems and weather is scraped by myself from MRT website and Pagasa.
Other References: MRT Conundrum and mrt3